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Focus on Annie Duke

Annie Duke may not have won her first World Series of Poker Bracelet until 2004 but she is still one of the most feared poker players around the ring games at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. Annie’s long-overdue WSOP bracelet came with a win at the “forgotten game” of Omaha Hi-Lo. While player from theRead More

Improvements All Online Poker Rooms Should Consider

The first thing I want to clarify is that some of these recommendations may be unrealistic or unpractical from an operators standpoint because they come from a players perspective. Regardless, players and operators want the same thing, to keep the games going and to keep players playing. With this goal in mind we set outRead More

Read More About the Gambling Psychology

Gambling psychology for most people conjures up images of stony faced poker players and their habits and actions (tells) that suggest the value of the cards they are holding. I contend that there is much more to gambling psychology. When we look at successful gamblers, they all have a sound money management strategy, a soundRead More